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Who is Lyn Miller?

I am the Crazy Fun, Nanny & Mum and Menopause Mentor.

I help women cut through the chaos by implementing personalised strategies, specific to their current hormone profile, reversing menopause symptoms and preventing disease
So they can live a life of pure joy, feeling refreshed, energised and happy every single day moving through & beyond menopause

Why Listen to Me?? 

🌺 20 Years Health, Wellness & Fitness Industry Experience,
🌺 Cert III in Fitness
🌺 Cert IV Personal Trainer
🌺 Master NLP Practitioner
🌺 Advanced Neurological Repatterning
🌺 Certified Master Performance Consultant
🌺 Master Results Coach

BUT... NONE Of that matters!! What REALLY matters is that I can help you fast track your health through menopause to create the life you rightly deserve and want! I am all about Family, Fun & Freedom. I am a Wife, Mum of 4 and have 8 delightful grandchildren. I get to enjoy a life of passion, vitality and fun and I want to help YOU create your dream life too!! 🌺

I'm inviting you to join me for this 3 day Workshop to help you Ditch the Tired, Swap out the Stress for Success, and Get off the Merry-Go-Round of Diets!

Let me help you to Wake each day with Energy and Happiness, to Drop the Belly Fat, and Take back Your Life, so you can have more FUN!

3 Days 'Live' Training with Lyn Miller to Create Your BEST life Through and Beyond Menopause!

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So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to start living your life again, by your design (not those pesky hormones)? Join us inside our Menopause Magic Pill 3 Day Workshop and let's do this together!

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3 Day Online Workshop

Are you one of those women, whose hormones are going crazy now that you've hit 40 - causing hot flushes, sleepless nights, weight gain and a tonne of stress? Well no more!

This Live Training will be inside our Private Facebook Group so you can connect with our community

All sessions will be RECORDED so if you can't make it live, you can still catch the training!

Here's what you will learn in our 3 Day Workshop:

* Day 1: Tuesday 8th September: Discover Your menopause Super Powers

* Day 2: Wednesday 9th September: Master Your Hormones (& Align Your Life)

* Day 3: Thursday 10th September: Your Menopause Magic Pill

The Menopause Magic Pill - 3 Day Workshop

Not Sleeping? Belly Fat? Tired? Fed Up With Nothing Working? The Menopause Magic Pill - 3 Day Workshop for Women 40+ who just want to feel refreshed, energised & happier but are not sure where to start









Kylie Welsh

I consider it divine timing that I was in contact with Lyn Miller (Menofitness) at a time when I found myself feeling really tired with very little energy and gaining weight for no reason. Lyn suggested that I get some testing done – specifically saliva testing. Test results came back saying that I had Adrenal Fatigue Stage 3,I was shocked.

I went to my GP and she was of very little help as Adrenal Fatigue is not recognized by many traditional doctors. I am so glad Lyn was there to guide me. She was simply amazing in her positive support.

Lyn put me on a her Hormone Enhancement Program for Adrenal Fatigue. I have seen the results in my health and energy already and I am well on the road to recovery. Lyn gave me a realistic exercise and health care plan to stick to and also realistic time frames for my recovery.

I really cannot recommend her Hormone Enhancement Program enough. Her expertise, care and support – having had Adrenal Fatigue herself, has been simply amazing.

Diane DeWit

To begin with I was overweight, very tried and had very little energy.  My eating habits were also not very good - I didn't like myself much.  But since starting the 4 week Hormone Kickstart challenge I have changed.  I have not had any sweets of any kind - no bread, cake, biscuits as well as no sugar in my tea.  I do not experience any cravings for sweet things now.  I have lost weight, 7 kilos in fact (was 105kgs now 97kgs), which is good and I now feel happy with in myself.

I sleep much better as I use to wake between 12 and 3 every night.  I now wake up each morning feeling good and with energy.

On the whole I think that 4 week Hormone Kickstart challenge was very good for me.  But if I am honest I still think I could go back to the way I was before when it comes to eating sweets.  so I carry around with me 2 lollies which I have not touched at all for 6 weeks and this makes me proud of myself for that.  I look forward to doing the next stage which is the 100 Day Lifestyle Mastery Class to keep me going over the summer :)

Zoe Beck

I decided to try the Menofitness Hormone Enhancement Program to see if I could get some answers as to why my belly was getting bigger and I felt constantly exhausted, despite having a healthy diet and exercising regularly. The initial saliva test provided some good answers and Di (my Hormone Enhancement Coach) did the rest. Di's approach with the program is practical and she doesn't have unrealistic expectations. The results I have achieved in 4 weeks are great. I've lost 7cm's in body fat, mostly around my stomach, I am sleeping better and I have loads more energy. I can't recommend Di and the Hormone Enhancement Program highly enough

Catherine Keene

Working with Lyn and her wonderful program has been a pleasure and a privilege. Through completing my Menofitness Certificate and by becoming a coach for The Hormone Enhancement  Program I have learnt a wealth of knowledge that has helped me become more aware of how I train my over 40 ladies as well as understand how they are feeling  physically, emotionally and mentally throughout this phase in their life. With the wonderful support Lyn has personally given, as well as the great resources she supplies, my clients have had 100% success. One lady has lost 7 kilos in 4 Weeks on the 4 Week Hormone Kickstart Class and her morning sickness symptoms have nearly passed. Another feels totally different to when she started.  She was extremely fatigued at the start but with the tips and info I have  given her as  well as what she has read from the programs resources, it has helped her make the changes she needed to and now gets through the day easily.  She has been given the tools and information she was looking for to explain why she felt the way she did - an answer her doctor never gave. If you want to be able to provide the next level of support to your menopausal clients this is for you!